Drumming Circle

Drumming Schedule for 2006

July 25, 2006 – Drum Circle, 7pm-9pm
August 23, 2006 – Drum Circle, 7pm-9pm
September 22, 2006 – Drum Circle, 7pm-9pm

Open to the Public. No charge. Even if you don’t have a Drum, Come enjoy the fun.

If you would like to recieve an email on future drummings.

December 17, 2004
Hello My Friends
We have received many phone calls over the past few weeks from others wanting to know about a drumming circle. After some conversation between Tim and myself we have decided to offer a drumming at our place.
For the winter we will be either in the studio or in our home which ever can provided us the most room. We have been working to set a Medicine Wheel and Drumming circle back in the woods. We will be using them in warmer weather.

We do have a couple of drums but for the most part if anyone has any extra please bring them along to share during a drumming. Tim and I have been making drums and they are available for sale in the studio, however there will be no sales in the studio during drumming events. If you would like to see them please stop in separately from the drumming.

There are just a few ground rules
1 Everyone is welcome and everyone is to be treated with dignity, honor and respect

2 Not a word of any kind of prejudice is ever to be spoken on our property, We respect others rights to have their own opinions, so please respect us by leaving any prejudice feelings somewhere else. This is a safe place for all

3 Please do not come to a drumming if you are under the influence of any thing other then a pure heart

4 The most important is that there is no right way or wrong way to join in the healing spirit of drumming and that everyone is welcome

Because of our connection to the Ani-Kituwagi (A-ni-kee-too-wah-gee) there will be some differences in the way we will be doing things, but we will be offering that information during the drumming.

We will be drumming Tuesday, Dec 21, 04 starting at 7:pm Please share this information with anyone you feel might want to participate.

Please feel free to call the studio if you have any questions @ 269 543 4029

With Great Honor and Respect
Mark & Tim

Stewartia Studio
2525 Blue Star Hwy
One and a half miles south of Saugatuck/Douglas, Mich 49408