Drum Making Workshop

Drum Making Workshop
October 12, 2005 In Portland Oregon
Cost – $185.00

A non-refundable deposit of $95.00 is required 14 days prior to the workshop date
The size of this workshop is limited and is reserved in order of first deposits received
Bring a sack lunch and be prepared to eat on the run

Drumming is a tradition that spans time and cultures. It is done in groups or as a single meditative act. It has been thought that the drum is the heart beat of our own mothers and that it is the sound or vibration of mother earth. I have been asked to share this technique of drum making. I am humbled by the opportunity and do so only out of great honor and respect

The drum making workshop will involve open discussion on dignity, honor, respect, and the connection to the drum. Every step in the making of this drum has a connection and when done, tells of the Ani-Kituwagi (A-ni-kee-too-wah-gee) as it was given to me. It is important to remember that this process and the materials used are a modern day interpretation, and is not meant to be the “traditional way”. The information shared in the class is not set in stone and is offered as it was given to me. The participants must approach this workshop with the the intent of a pure heart and be willing to show great honor and respect. I will not be sharing the color staining technique

The drum will be made from a 13 sided, 14 inch handmade wooden hoop and elk hide
A non-refundable deposit of $95.00 is required 14 days prior to the workshop date
Stewartia Studio
2525 Blue Star Hwy
One and a half miles south of Saugatuck/Douglas, Mich 49408